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BoardWorks is a unique innovative reporting tool. It measures the Psychological Safety and effectiveness of your Board. High Psychological Safety levels in a Board allow you to create the right environment focusing on the key areas for your Board's effectiveness and dynamics which allow for constructive challenge and strong team working.

What does BoardWorks Measure and Report?

Effective Boards require 3 components:

1. To be set up in a timely way, focusing on the right key issues, with sufficient time to read well written reports that lead to effective decisions being made.

2. The Board is comprised of a team of individuals whose varied experience and skillset allows them to contribute to discussions and decisions in a manner that is pertinent to their sector.

3. There is a Psychological Safety culture at the Board, this means that it is safe to hold an alternative view, safe to challenge the status quo, safe to be in a minority of one and the Board works in a collaborative but constructively challenging way.

This means that the Board is focused on the key strategic and operational risks adapting nimbly in a time of change and challenge.

  • Credible and easy to use

  • Quick to complete

  • Briefing and feedback on results provided by experienced Board Advisors

  • Practical and systematic in approach

Features and Benefits of Boardworks


  • Credible and easy to use
  • Quick to complete
  • Briefing and feedback on results provided by experienced Board Advisers
  • Practical and systematic in approach
  • Easy to understand what is being measured and why
  • Suitable for Boards that are either Executive only or Boards with a combination of Executive and Non-Executive
  • Reflects current best practice
  • Appropriate and relevant in a time of seismic change


  • Insightful analysis of your Board’s effectiveness
  • Clear measurement of the Boards level of Psychological Safety
  • Identifies areas of strength and weakness
  • Data directly relevant to your organisation
  • Feedback to the Board on the significance of data arising (virtual or on person)
  • Action plan for the Board to consider implementing
  • Visible demonstration to regulatory bodies where appropriate, of a commitment to good governance