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BoardWorks is a unique innovative reporting tool. It measures the Psychological Safety and effectiveness of your Board. High Psychological Safety levels in a board allow you to create the right environment focusing on the key areas for your Boards’ effectiveness and dynamics which allow for constructive challenge and strong team working.

On completion of the BoardWorks tool, we provide you with a comprehensive report and present the findings to your board allowing you to see quickly, areas of strength and opportunities to develop and enhance your Board as a team. 

BoardWorks utilises an easy to answer online survey and provides you with a timely analysis and recommendations.

For Boards to work effectively, they need to operate within an environment where they focus on the key strategic and operational risks their organisation faces, they must work collaboratively whilst valuing constructive challenge, and benefit from insights and contributions from a Board, which is appropriately represented.

Meet the team

BoardWorks is a new breed of board effectiveness consultancy. Founded by Hamish Moore, creator of our Wellbeing Works and Team Works tools, we are a team of established workplace wellbeing consultants.

Meet Our Team

Wellbeing Works

We are specialists in advising boards, we use data-driven analysis and evidence-based solutions, to enable Boards to function optimally and meet best governance practice. We assist you in creating work environments that enable the Board and your Teams to Thrive.

Our work is based upon the validated research carried out by Hamish Moore, the founder of Wellbeing Works and creator of our Board Works and Team Works tools. We are a team of established Board and workplace Psychological Safety experts.

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Our expert team, work across the public, private and third sector.

We understand that ‘one size does not fit all,’ your Board is unique. Your organisations success is inherently linked to the capacity of your Board to operate in a Psychologically safe way and hence Thrive. We provide practical, effective, and easy-to-adopt solutions, specific to your Board’s needs.

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Psychological safety?

Effective Boards have a culture which is Psychologically safe. In practice this means that the board values how it functions in the same way as it values its agenda and who sits on the Board.

A Psychologically Safe Board is one where constructive challenge is valued. It is safe to be in a minority of one in a board decision or discussion. The type of discussion is focused on key strategic and operational issues where all parties recognise the value of being both individually and collectively accountable for the focus of the Boards work and decisions made.

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